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Community Care Ministry

This ministry has evolved to meet the needs of the needy and to honour those that serve others. Through serving others as our Lord came to serve us.
We have a database of people willing to help others either in their time of need or just as recognition of what they have done for others. The recipients can be members of Hope Community Church and our greater community.
A need could range from meals, house moving, fence painting, driving to or from supermarket, minor house repairs and so on. If you know of a need please either share this with a pastor or
Regular Happenings

Women in Prayer

Tuesdays 12:15 -1:15 upstairs at church
Feel free to join us. If there is a need to be prayed for - come! If you want to spend intentional time with God - come!

Women of Hope

Tuesday's 10am.
A small group for all women, held throughout the school term.
Creche provided

Youth Ministries

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Ignite, 180, Pursuit and Equip

CYF Gospel Resources

Click here for a list of GREAT RESOURCES for Children, Youth and Families (CYF) that introduce you to the Gospel and its power in our lives

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Small Groups

Join a small group
Maybe you have never been a part of a small group here at HCC, or maybe you've tried but just can't find the right group
Why not have a chat to John Frizelle to see what small groups we have here at HCC or click here for more detils.

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Latest Sermon

Sermon:The Tomb
Scripture: Luke 23:50-24:12
Speaker:Daryl Bay

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Small Groups (20 - 27 April)


Ruby Coasters 7:30pm
Group 207 7:30pm


Prayer Meeting 7:45am @ HCC
Women of Hope Not meeting for holidays
Women in Prayer Not meeting for holidays
Women and Games Not meeting for holidays
Ignite Not meeting for holidays


Mini Movers Not meeting for holidays
Mature Age Group Study Not meeting for holidays
4 O'Clockers Not meeting for holidays
Redwood Group Not meeting for holidays
H2H 7:30pm
20's & 30's Not meeting for holidays



Prayer Meeting 9:30-10am. Upstairs in the Den
Worship Service 10am.


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